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Leevi Lemmetty's brilliantly stylised take on Heroes.

US promotion for Heroes, presented by Jonathan.

Jonathan sets the stage for Heroes of the Valley.

SCI-FI-London's in-depth interview about Heroes.

Speaking at the American Library Association.

Jonathan outlines the background to The Last Siege.


Articles & Reviews

The Bartimaeus Sequence
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The Last Seige
A Jedi’s Musings review

The Leap
The Scholar’s blog zone review
Reading Matters review

The Ghost of Shadow Vale
Love Reading 4 Kids review
Trapped by Monsters review

Bob Choi's Last Job in The Dragon Book
Love Reading 4 Kids review
Teenskepchick review
Addicted to Media review

ActuSF, Montreuil, interview
Jonathan’s top ten fantasy books on the Guardian online
Kid You Not podcast interview

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