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Give your child the time and space to start creating, and there’s no limit to where they’ll go.

Freedom to Think is a campaign calling for children to have dedicated free time to explore their imaginations.

In response to our children’s increasingly busy lives, this campaign seeks to promote creative time for young people. This is not about homework, play-dates, chores or clubs. It’s about finding time for independent thinking, imagining, creating and playing.

The campaign suggests parents and carers ring-fence at least one period each week for their child as unstructured thinking time. Within this period, it’s up the child to choose their activity and to direct their play.

The Freedom To Think campaign hopes to enrich our children’s lives – and the lives of the people around them – by shining a spotlight on the importance of imaginative play. It was conceived by bestselling UK author and dad of three, Jonathan Stroud, who spent many childhood hours doodling, writing, inventing games and generally mucking around. He believes such play is vital in encouraging independent thought and creativity, and credits this freedom as the starting point of his own career as a writer.

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