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Lockwood & Co. coming to Netflix on 27th January 2023!
Find the ghost, contain the source. Get in, GET OUT. Lockwood & Co. will haunt Netflix 27 January.

Lockwood & Co. launched on Netflix in January 2023, to critical acclaim and huge audience numbers. It quickly became Neftlix’s Number 1 Global show, taking a top ten spot in 80 countries and earning an audience and critic rating of over 90%.

The show was nominated for Best TV Drama in the 2023 National Film Awards, and it was selected by many media outlets in reviews of 2023’s best TV shows.

A huge Lockwood fan base from around the world has emerged and connected since the show released. These fans come together under the name LockNation (search this term on any social media platform to find them). LockNation create content, edits, events, contests, lore, artwork and friendship – they are supported by Jonathan Stroud, Complete Fiction, Joe Cornish and many more ‘agents’.

After dark, ring the bell and wait beyond the iron line. It's time to meet Lockwood & Co. 27 January on Netflix.
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