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The Hollow Boy

Phantoms in your attic?
Spectres by your bed?
Never fear - Lockwood & Co. are here!

A terrible new outbreak of ghosts is causing chaos across London. With the authorities baffled, psychic investigators Lockwood, Lucy and George see a fresh chance for fame and glory.

But countless horrors await them: bloody footprints on a spiral staircase, murderous ambushes in the night - and, waiting at the centre of the outbreak, the most fearful apparition of all.

Ghouls and spectres, thrills and tension in this brand-new instalment in Jonathan Stroud's best selling series.

Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available in hardback, paperback
and ebook.



“Publication of a new Lockwood and Co adventure must qualify as one of the literary events of the year. Jonathan Stroud not only writes like a dream, he creates some of the most inventive, most exciting storylines around. Each Lockwood adventure raises the levels of tension, as plots thicken dangerously, and our affection for his teenage ghost hunters grows.

"In this story, there’s a terrifying outbreak of paranormal activity in Chelsea that leaves all the Psychic Investigation Agencies baffled. Can Lockwood & Co find the source? The appointment of a new assistant, the charming Holly, has introduced strains that weren’t there before, and after a shattering climax Stroud leaves the reader on a massive emotional cliffhanger. Book four can’t come soon enough!”

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US edition available in
hardback, ebook and
audio CD.


German edition available
in hardback, ebook
and audio CD.


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