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The Empty Grave

After their recent escapades, Lockwood & Co. deserve a well-earned rest  . . . so naturally they decide to break into the country's most heavily-guarded tomb.

What they discover there changes everything.

So begins a desperate battle to uncover the truth behind the epidemic of ghosts. It's a battle that will force the team to journey to the Other Side, bring them face to face with hideous phantoms – and pit them against the most terrifying enemy they have ever known.

Will everyone make it out alive?

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Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available in hardback, paperback
and ebook.



"Don't miss this series! Loved it from the start."
Rick Riordan

"Stroud's prose is evocative . . . his humour is also perfectly judged, never undermining the terror, but allowing the reader to bask in the camaraderie of London's smallest, most slapdash and unlikely ghost-hunting agency, the eponymous Lockwood and Co."
The Times Literary Supplement

"An expertly crafted concoction of gut-wrenching fear and side-splitting hilarity"
Sci-fi Bulletin

"The Empty Grave is a fitting and extraordinary end to a remarkable series; I am very envious of those who are yet to discover Lockwood & Co. for themselves."
Playing by the Book blog

"The arrival of a new book in Jonathan Stroud's Lockwood and Co series cheers up my entire year."
The Evening Standard

"Stroud's nerve-shredding ghouls, laconic hilarity an intelligent character development make him a must for fiction aficionados with an iron nerve."
The Guardian


US edition available in hardback, paperback, ebook and audio CD.


German edition available
in hardback, ebook and
audio CD.

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