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The Creeping Shadow

A city besieged by spirits? A hungry cannibal risen from the dead? There’s only one ghost-hunting team you need  . . .

But Lockwood & Co. is an agent down – Lucy Carlyle is now a freelance operative.

And the team have a lot on their plate: monstrous handprints on a window, sinister chopping sounds from a haunted kitchen . . . Not to mention the Creeping Shadow – a hulking menace that stalks a village churchyard, raising spectres from their graves.

The team badly need Lucy’s help. If she can be persuaded to return . . .

Download the first chapter

Download the first chapter

Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available from 15 September
2016 in paperback and ebook.



“Publication of a new Lockwood and Co. adventure must qualify as one of the literary events of the year. Jonathan Stroud not only writes like a dream, he creates some of the most inventive, most exciting storylines around. Each Lockwood adventure raises the levels of tension, as plots thicken dangerously, and our affection for his teenage ghost hunters grows.”

"Brilliant as ever"
The Spectator

"Witty and inventive"
The Independent on Sunday

 “…inventive world-building, memorable characters, and edge-of-your-seat pacing”
The Horn Book Review

“Fans of the series will anxiously await Lockwood and Co.’s spine-tingling adventures in the next installment.”
The School Library Journal

US edition available from 13 September 2016 in hardback and ebook.
German edition available from 28 November 2016 in paperback and ebook.
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